Morph it

SquareMorph is a small, independent design studio/agency, that packs a huge punch!

Our dedication to achieving quality and effective design is second to none. Helping businesses to achieve their goals comes from a genuine desire to see our clients succeed in their business endeavours.

SquareMorph is here to assist ambitious business owners who want the very best for their business. Who want to see the results that come from exceptional design. And, who want to grow a brand that is admired by its target audience.

Ross Richards

I created SquareMorph out of a passion for design and helping businesses to achieve their goals through quality and effective design.

Over the years I’ve helped countless businesses, in almost every industry, and formed some great relationships along the way. These relationships mean a lot to me and the ethos of SquareMorph strongly reflects this.

Everything we do is based around quality, effective design, being transparent, and establishing great working relationships with our clients.

Ross working on graphic design

... who interprets your thoughts to real-life products that impress everyone. On top of his efficiency, professionalism and enthusiasm; Ross has great integrity, honesty, and patience.

Adnan Fakih - Pass My Ad

The design process

Want to know what working with SquareMorph is like?
Here's a brief outline of how we roll.


Factfinding meeting

Learning about your business, your ethos, and what you want to achieve is a vital part of the process. Expect a friendly meeting and to answer some questions about your business and your goals.

Research & brainstorming

Armed with an understanding of your business, your target market, and what you want to achieve, work begins on planning out how to achieve this in the best possible way.



Design & create

Using skill and years of experience, we take everything we have learnt in the initial stages and develop it into something that is designed to help you to achieve your goals. 

Delivery & support

Your project is delivered and ready to go out into the world to start making an impact. If you require it, we’re here to offer training and support.


Our initial discussion centred around the visions and values of the business but he also asked some probing questions which gave him an insight into the personality behind the business. I am beyond thrilled with our new branding. What a talent!

Victoria Field - Hullabaloo Marketing

How we can help


Brand & Identity

Strong, unique, and memorable identities that help businesses to connect with their target audience, generate desire, and build trust.


Website Design

Responsive websites that are a joy to use. Created with a focus on user experience and the ability to convert visitors into sales.


Creative Design

Bespoke print design and digital design. Helping businesses to communicate with, and engage their target audiences in an effective way.


Print & Production

All aspects of design, print, and production are taken care of. We take a project from concept, to beautifully produced and finished material.