How we named SquareMorph and what does it mean?

If you’re currently fighting to come up with a brand name of your own, I feel your pain. We’ve recently launched our new agency, SquareMorph, so we’ve recently been through this very process. I’ve written this article in the hope that something here may be of some use to you.

Let’s be frank, trying to name a brand is a colossal pain in the backside. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, thinking of a great name for a brand is an incredibly difficult and frustrating endeavour. How do you convey what you do, and what you stand for, in a short name? How do you get the ethos and feel of your brand over in a word, or a few? And, just to make things a bit more difficult, this name must be unique. You’re also going to need the matching domains and social media accounts for your chosen name.

Naming a brand is not a service that we offer, we’re not specialists in this area. But, we needed a name, a good name! Luckily our design and marketing disciplines helped us out quite a bit. It’s actually a little bit like the creative process for designing a logo.

So, what does SquareMorph mean?

The SquareMorph name has multiple meanings:

The main meaning is the most obvious and is a basic description of what we do.

1. We’re designers, we spend our days creating shapes and morphing them into great designs.

The second meaning requires a bit of thought, and we really like that!

2. The word ‘square’ can be used in the context of boring, dull, unappealing, unexciting, etc. We specialise in taking something that is all of the aforementioned and transforming it into something special for our clients.

How did we come up with the name?

The whole process took about 2-3 weeks, many large A3 pieces of paper, and the patience of a saint.

We started by brainstorming. We wrote out everything we do, the services we offer, our ethos, and what we want to be known for. Next, we started to write down words and phrases associated with the aforementioned. Once we had some words that we liked we used an online thesaurus to look for alternative versions of that word and wrote all of those down too. We also used an online word generator to generate random words, if we saw one we liked, it got written onto the paper.

Once there were around 2000 words and phrases we started trying to form suitable brand names. Each time we formed a suitable name, that we really liked, we would perform checks on it.

The checking process started with a simple Google search. If the Google search didn’t show any conflicting businesses or weird alternative meanings, it was onto the next stage. The next stage was looking to see if the domains were available. In almost every case they were not! This is where the trouble lies. We wanted both the and the .com domain for our brand.

If the domains were available we would then look to see if a business with that name was registered on Companies House. Next, we would check if the social media names were available. Finally, if it managed to get to this stage we carried out another really thorough search on Google, just to be sure.

After all of this painful process and frustration, with what seemed like every name under the sun being already taken, we eventually had just 3 potential brand names. SquareMorph was the clear winner!

If you’re currently battling through this yourself, keep the faith. With enough time and effort, your perfect name will eventually come. Good luck!

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