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Brand Identity

Whether you are creating a new brand from scratch, or looking to have your existing brand revamped, you are in the right place!

All brand identity projects begin with research and getting a thorough understanding of your business, your ethos, your target market, and what you want to achieve. From here we look at how we can best communicate this to your audience in a unique and engaging way.

When creating your brand we look at how we can consistently present the brand across all platforms. This includes print, online, your sales material, your logo, even your uniform (if you have one)!
Check out an example of our brand identity work.

Logo Design

A logo has a lot of work to do! At a glance, it must tell the story of what you do, what you stand for, and why someone should choose you over your competitors. It must be unique, memorable, and must work perfectly in any situation. When creating the concepts for your logo we look at all of the aforementioned and mold it into a logo that will add genuine value to your brand.


Our process for designing a logo begins with brainstorming and looking at everything we want the logo to communicate. We then sketch out our initial concepts with pencil and paper, from these concepts we look at the best ones and decide what to develop further.


Next, we create and develop these concepts in a digital form, using vector-based software. Using vector­based software ensures your logo is super sharp and crystal clear however you choose to use it.  

Social Media

There's no denying that in this day and age social media plays a vital role in how businesses communicate with their audience. Done correctly social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your product or service, raising brand awareness, and ensuring brand loyalty.

Attractive, consistent, and carefully designed social media material, that is aimed at your target audience, can really take your business to the next level! We can help you achieve this with the creation of attention-grabbing posts, advertisement design, or the creation of a full social media marketing campaign.

We can also maintain your social media presence with the creation of quality, engaging material on a regular basis. Have a look and see if one of our Retainer Plans may work for you.

Print Design

Nothing is quite the same as being handed a beautifully designed and finished business card, or looking through a stunning brochure that just makes you want to do business with that company!

By carefully looking at your brand, your products and services, your goals, and your target audience, we can create something that communicates your message with an impact!

We specialise in all manner of print design and can create pretty much anything you can imagine, such as; brochures, catalogues, flyers, banners, clothing, packaging, posters, and books, to name but a few.

We not only design your material, we can also print and finish it to our exacting high standards too.

Digital Design

In an ever-increasingly digital world, it has never been more important to present your brand and your products online, or other digital formats, in an attractive and engaging way.

We have a vast experience in dealing with digital media. We can help with online marketing campaigns, HTML email campaigns, online digital advertisements, and digital billboard advertisements, to mention a few.

In the same way as we do with any other project, our goal with digital design is to create eye-catching, engaging material, that communicates your message in an impactful way, with a focus on generating brand awareness and converting the audience into sales.

Packaging Design

It goes without saying, that how your product is packaged is incredibly important. After all, it can be the deal breaker between a potential customer buying your product, or buying the product of your competitor.

When creating the packaging for your product we take great care to ensure that it properly represents your product. We will look at where you want to place your product in the market, for example, if your product is a premium or luxury item, we will ensure that the packaging appropriately reflects this.

Have you have recently developed a new product, or are considering repackaging an existing product? If so, let's have a chat, we can discuss how we can help you to present your product in a way that your market really desires, and also, we can help you to create something that you are truly proud of!

Presentation Design

Whether it's a sales presentation to a potential customer or a virtual presentation on a video conference, presentations are one of the best opportunities to make a good impression and promote your product or service. A well-designed presentation that helps you to get your message over in a clear and concise way is sure to be a winner!

With a professionally designed layout, design, and branding, your presentation is sure to create the impact you hope for. While carefully designed infographics, charts, and graphics help to convey your more complicated information in a way that is easy to digest.

We create presentations for use with either Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote, depending on your preference.

Photo Editing

If you have product photos, images of a service that you provide, case-study images, team photos, images for your social media accounts, or any other type of image that will be shown to your audience, then make sure it reflects your business in the best possible light (sorry).

With our extensive experience in photo editing and photo manipulation we can ensure that your photos look like they are straight from a glossy magazine.


In addition, we can touch-up, isolate (cut out), manipulate, resize, adjust lighting, change colours, re-colour. In-fact, do just about anything to a photo that you require!

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