Web design.

Provide a great experience for your visitors

Just like when a potential customer walks into your shop, office, or showroom, when someone visits your website it’s important to give them a great experience.

Your website has a lot of work to do. It’s your digital space, a place where your audience will come to learn more about you as a company. A place where decisions will be made about whether to do business with you or not.

We create great-looking, responsive websites, focusing on conversion and providing a quality experience for your visitors.

Why SquareMorph?

01. Responsive design

We ensure that whatever device your visitor is using they are sure to have a good experience. All websites that we create are responsive. Whether your visitor is using a desktop or a phone, it will look great and function perfectly. 

02. Content management

All websites are built on WordPress which is a Content Management System (CMS). This means you can easily add and manage products, blog posts, and make simple changes to the website yourself.

03. Speed

Google ranks faster websites more favourably, a fast website also provides a far better experience for your users. Whilst creating your site we aim to make it as fast as possible using a variety of techniques. 

04. Search engine optimisation

In order to rank well in search engine results your website needs to be properly optimised. We take care of all aspects of on-site SEO giving you a perfectly optimised site that the search engines will love.

05. Training & aftercare

If you require we can provide free training to you, or your team, on all aspects of using your new website including how to add content. We’re here to support you and help you get the best from your new business asset.

06. Website management

Should you wish, we can look after your website for you. Maintenance plans include CMS and Plugin updates, minor changes, backups & restorations, and generally keeping your site in good working order.


We create fast, responsive websites, that are search engine optimised.

We offer training and aftercare, with optional, ongoing website management.

Our focus

01. Aesthetics

A great looking website that presents your brand, your products, or services, in the best possible way. Clean and easy to use pages, carefully considered placement of content, and layouts that are easy on the eye.

02. User Experience

Everything from navigating the website, to purchasing a product should be simple and easy to do. A quick and well laid out website, which is a pleasure to use, is sure to make a great impression with your customers.

03. Conversion

Having a well presented website, that offers a fantastic user experience is half of the battle won. Additionally, we use various techiques to encourage your visitors to make an enquiry, or a purchase from you.

We can help with...


Brand & Identity

Strong, unique, and memorable identities that help businesses to connect with their target audience, generate desire, and build trust.


Website Design

Responsive websites that are a joy to use. Created with a focus on user experience and the ability to convert visitors into sales.


Creative Design

Bespoke print design and digital design. Helping businesses to communicate with, and engage their target audiences in an effective way.


Print & Production

All aspects of design, print, and production are taken care of. We take a project from concept, to beautifully produced and finished material.